Solutions and services

As an IoT pioneer in the region, we firmly believe that IoT represents one of the most important tools for digitizing our future. We help you with digital transformation projects, where our own developed universal platform Thynkr plays an essential role and allows you to complete the entire digital transformation at one place!

The possibilities of digital transformations are endless, as the elements are shaped over and over again into a unique solution according to your needs. Therefore, it is often possible to solve problems that had no direct support in digitalization until now.

5 years of IoT development and experience with LoRaWAN technology
Comprehensive solutions in almost all verticals (SmartCity, energy, logistics and transport, healthcare, education, construction, production and factories, livestock, agriculture, trade, protection and security, transport and infrastructure, tourism)
Numerous partnerships with leading global IoT manufacturers and service providers

Upon request, we will also develop custom-made hardware for your digital transformation. We will help you achieve your goals more easily and more quickly.

In addition to “custom made” solutions, we offer all standard integrator services in the field of IoT, such as:

Consulting (for end users, partners, developers)
Implementation of POC and pilots
Production execution