Smart parking system

ParkIN is a revolutionary system for smart parking and payment. ParkIN is the first system in the world that, with the help of a navigation, leads the driver to a parking space that is actually free at the moment when the driver arrives at the destination. Other parking systems calculate the potential free parking space in the moment when the driver enters the desired destination into the system, and as a result, it may happen that the parking space will be occupied by the time the driver arrives at the targeted destination.

Due to this important difference and since based on a modern artificial intelligence algorithms, ParkIN is a true innovation in the market of parking systems.
The longer parkIN is installed in your city, the more accurate it will become. Furthermore, it will have a positive influence on stressed drivers and will help reduce traffic congestion.

ParkIN can integrate with any type of parking sensors or vehicle detection cameras. It also integrates with any concessionaire’s already existing or targeted billing system.